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Rental Rates

Skypark Airport offers wet and dry rates for plane rentals! “Wet” means the fuel is included in the hourly cost.  Dry rates maybe a great option for those who are planning a vacation or business trip, because you can plan your trip with the most economical fuel stops. For dry rates, top off tanks with the same amount of fuel you departed with.

 Skypark has been innovating ways to make “Family Flying” affordable since 1965 ! Below are examples of our rates.  All rates are subject to change.  Happy Flying!!

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All Rental Rates

Aircraft Type Rate Wet Rate/Per Hr. Dry Rate/Per.Hr.
C-150 Transient $ 86.02 $ 60.24
C-150 Member $ 71.40 $ 50.00
C-152 Transient $ 92.05 $ 66.27
C-152 Member $ 76.40 $ 55.00
C-172 Transient $114.82 $ 78.31
C-172 Member $ 95.30 $ 65.00
C182/RG Transient $196.90 $132.53
C182/RG Member $163.43 $ 110.00